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On September 16, 2011, in Dating on a Dime, Freebies, by Chong
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Personals Shopping Disease

I’m a girl.  I love to shop.  Anything really.  Shoes, shirts, dresses, bags and even new groceries make me feel really good.  There are so many little personals I want to buy for myself but as the bills started piling up I realized I might have to change just a wee bit.  You know how your parents would always say “do you really NEED that new shirt or do you just WANT” it.  Back then I thought, who cares if I need or want it when I know I can get it either way.  Ah, those were the days.  A nice little part time job that was straight disposable income.  I had what my mother called PSD, Personals Shopping Disease.  Meaning anything that I wanted to personally suit my needs I would get for myself.  There was no filter that said to me “maybe I should save my money or pay a bill.”

there's always something

Dating Strategy

Well it’s date night and I WANT a new outfit.  Unfortunately, that’s not in this weeks budget.  I’m trying to put money away for my 35th birthday.  All my best singles for singles girlfriends seem to share the same birthday month so we want to go away on a trip for this year.  I’m happy about that but sad about the lack of funds for the time being.  Saving sucks.  haha.

But back to my current predicament.  Yes, I’m proud I’ve sustained the will power not to run to the mall after work but I’m stuck with the dilemma of what to wear tonight.  I know other girls have this problem on a regular basis so I’m here to share my solutions.

First, just figure out what you’re doing on the date.  The activity will really determine the outfit.  Then sit in front of your closet and just look.  Guaranteed you have a bazillion shirts, pants, dresses in there that you can wear.  The key is to make a new outfit so you don’t feel like you need to buy one.  Instead of thinking of past things you’ve worn try and take to pieces of clothing that you wouldn’t normally pair and try it.  Mix different textures like plaid and faux fur.  Anything.  You’re not leaving the house yet so this is your time to experiment.

After plunging through your clothes and trying on different articles you’ll soon realize you have some great combinations you’ve never tried before.  Pair it with some personals jewelry and you’ve got an entire outfit.

For me, I took an old white V-neck tee that I hadn’t wore in months (a work out tee really) and paired it with some skinny jeans, beige leather belt and wedges.  The jeans, shoes and accessories really dressed up the outfit without making it seem like I was trying to hard.

Dating is about confidence

What is most important for all singles for singles who are dating is that you hold confidence in everything you do.  Whether its talking, walking or trying out a new activity.  It’s all in how you present yourself.

You know what they say, fake it until you make it.


- Grey


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