Not Your Mother’s Clippings

On September 20, 2011, in Dating on a Dime, Freebies, by Chong
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Free Dating for Fall

So, fall is officially here in like a day.  Lovely right???  Well, for me it is.  But that means cooler air, which means you need to be snuggling up to some hot thing.

In order to land the guy or gal of your dreams, or least someone for the season, you’ll need some fabulous dating ideas.  Fabulous and cheap that is.  Sure, there is the usual stuff that is always cute and inexpensive like a walk in the park, picnic, movie night in, some museums, etc. etc.  These are good ideas but if you’re going to be dating this person for longer than a few weeks you’ll need some fresh ones that will blow their mind, without blowing a hole through your wallet.

Personals Saving Advice

Here is my tidbit of advice that has landed me on some amazing (virtually) freedating trips.  COUPONS!  COUPONS!  COUPONS!  Ya, those idiotic new shows on TLC that glamorize coupon cutting are onto something.  Singles for singles can find some amazing deals by looking on these online coupon sites!  For example, sign up to receive one’s from

  • wag jag
  • livingsocial deals
  • groupon

couponing with love

Dating Site in the form of Coupons

There are hundreds of different social group saving sites out there that might as well be an online dating site because you have so many different chances to get cheap date activities.  I always found on sites like livingsocial deals, it’s useful to search the “adventure” section.  There you can get great things like sky diving, mini putting, rock climbing, white water rafting and so on.  Not so keen on the “I want to try and give myself a heart attack” thing?  That’s no problem, you can also find some cool stuff like couples massages and dinners.

I’m telling ya.  This is not like clipping coupons the way your mother used to do.  These social savings sites can be a god send on your bank account.  It will surely make the person you’re dating believe you’re a balla when really you’re living off ricaroni.

- Grey

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