Party for one

On September 26, 2011, in Dating Advice, Freebies, by Cornell
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So here’s a way to save money.  Why don’t you just not go on date.

Don’t ask the girl out, don’t suggest hooking up, just do your own thing for a weekend.  Sure, there’s pretty much no chance of getting laid this way but sometimes having more money for another date is better.  Or even just having money for yourself really.  It’s always a good idea to take the time and just recharge yourself.  Chicks are exhausting as it is and you don’t have to go on a date (or a few dates every weekend) you’re saving yourself in more than one way.  Instead, spend a night alone doing all those things you have let slip like washing your sheets that are so dirty they’ve built enough chromosomes to create their own city.  Or fixing that cupboard you said you were going to do eons ago or just watch the game and eat popcorn.  If you want to still be social tell your buddies to come over but say you’ll provide the space if they provide the food and booze.  This way the only thing you’re spending is time, while your wallet stays securely tucked away in your jeans pocket.

Every weekend doesn’t have to be a budget a weekend.  Just try making it a cash free one full of free activities to will recharge your battery for the following upcoming week.  You’ll be surprised and how great you can feel when you just chill by yourself once in awhile anyway.  Sure, there are tons of free dating ideas but even those can cost you a little bit of money sometimes when you factor in gas and what not.  So just make this one 100% free of any sort of personals spending.

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