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Got a hot date this weekend?  And you’ve gone through your wardrobe numerous times and STILL can’t find something appropriate to wear?  Ok, I’m trusting that you really really really need something new and that it has been awhile since your last purchase.  I also hope that over the past few weeks you have been utilizing as many free dating tactics as possible.


If so, allowing yourself these small personals purchases is understandably.  Shopping, like a diet, cannot be completely restrictive or one day you’ll just break and binge.  The key here to getting a great outfit for your dating excursions is to still save money.

A great way for this is to scope out when the big discount sales are going on.  For example, I knew I had a great date on the weekend and what’s better is that it co-ordinated perfectly with a huge outlet sale for American Apparel.  Up to 90% on most items!  For a girl, this is amazing.  It is like striking clothing gold.

This great deal allowed me to stock up on items that are versatile that I know I would need for the future as well as a great number for more upcoming date.  I suggest getting pieces that can be interchanged with your current wardrobe.  Go to the sale with specific ideas in mind on what you need.  If it’s possible to view their inventory online first do that so you can see what they have.

Another really important tip to discount shopping is go with CASH only.  That way you have set a budget on how much you’re going to spend.  The problem with sales is that sometimes you buy a lot of crap that you don’t need just for the reason that it is so cheap.  Hold back the impulse to do so.  Every penny you save is one you can put towards something else on another day like cocktails with your girls on a singles for singles night.

Happy Discount Hunting!

- Grey


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