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On October 5, 2011, in Dating Advice, Dating on a Dime, by Chong
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So, I have the cutest date tonight.  It’ll be the first time we’ve gone out but we’ve known each other for pretty much a year exactly now.  He’s really adorable.  He is average height, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a surfer’s bod.  For all you guy readers I know you don’t care but for girls get it, these personals details are important.

Anyway, we met back at an old job where we worked together but never actually ended up dating back then.  Who knows why, maybe it’s because we worked together or he was involved, whatever.  We going out now.  Unfortunately, I’m still pretty broke and so is he so we decided to go for drinks.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Aren’t drinks expensive?  The answer is a resounding HELL YES.  But we have decided to do Happy Hour instead of meeting later.  This means we are not only getting drinks at half the price but that we will also be meeting after work.  I always did like this because it means I didn’t really need to pick out a whole new cute outfit from the store.  I can still look nice but be able to just where my work clothes.

Date for Two

Instantly I have just saved money on clothes and drinks.  Yes, it’s not freedating because it will still cost money for what I do buy but it is a significant improvement on going out on a Friday night to the bar.  It also means that we won’t get sloppy drunk and end in some horrible one night stand evening, which is always good.

So, if you are doing some dating for the first time with a person, I would highly suggest happy hour.  Guys, this is directed to you as well.  Besides, girls dig a guy in a suit and if you show up in a sharp one, you’re half way there.

- Grey


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