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As a dude on a stupidly tight budget, I’m careful about where I take girls that I’ve met online. I’m not going to take some chick who could be a 3 out to a steak house. That might sound harsh, but really, it’s just not worth starving for the rest of the month.

I know from my female friends that more and more girls are cluing into the fact that coffee means that the guy isn’t fully sold on them. So what can you do with online dating to up your odds at a nice dinner out instead of a paper cup and a conversation in a crowded Starbucks? Read and learn ladies.

First off, post personals pictures where your face is properly visible. I don’t know how many times I’ve been looking for girls online and all is see is half a face covered by a hand, or a drink. It drives me nuts! Ok, so you’re worried that you’ll be recognized by an ex, or a boss. You can still get around that by putting better pictures in the non profile pic area. Plus, don’t be so narcissistic, the internet dating world is a big place, the chances of you being recognized are pretty slim.

Secondly, talk a bit before meeting up. If I’m chatting with a girl for just a few days and she’s already looking  to meet in person, I’m going to go with a coffee date. Doesn’t matter if she’s hot and funny. It’s just too soon for a dinner date gamble.

Third, connect through social media. If you want a guy to really consider you, you have to open a bit of your life up to him. This is also a great way to see who he is too. You don’t have to do facebook if that’s too personal, but if you invite him on twitter or google plus, then he’ll get a better sense of who you really are. I know I was on the fence about this one girl, then I saw her twitter feed and she retweeted posts from “Stuff You Should Know“, one of my favorite podcasts. Main course was served swiftly after that.

Lastly, don’t take it too personally. Sometimes it doesn’t matter hot hot and interesting you are, a guy might really just be too broke to take you to dinner. If he wants to meet you at a museum or a place that’s not dinner but isn’t just coffee, chances are this is the case. Wait a few weeks and see if things progress to eating out. If you’re a cool woman who doesn’t make a guy feel like all you’re looking for is a meal ticket, your chances of being fed, will greatly improve.

-Eddie C.

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