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I’m a big believer in dating, even when you’re broke. This includes online dating. Years ago there wasn’t a dating site around that didn’t charge for their services. These days online dating sites are giving away free trials or are completely free all the time.

So…which one should you pick and how do you let the singles for singles know that you’re not going to be going out for five star meals unless they are buying? Read on and find out.

First things first. If you want to find a date that’s right for you, you have to find an online dating site that matches what you’re looking for.

Know what you’re looking for. If you just want something low key, no big promises of the future, just a fun person to watch movies with, keep away from the “match” websites. Go more for “friends” sites or “search” sites. Don’t be afraid to look at dating site reviews too.

Peruse the personals. Check out the personals pages before you join any site. Take a look at the singles, are they the kind you’re hoping to connect with? Or are they too sporty and not artsy enough? You can be choosy when you’re online, there are lots of options.

Read the fine print. When it comes to online dating, you really have to make sure you’re really reading the contracts well. Some online dating sites don’t require anything more than an e-mail address. Others want credit card numbers and your personal address. Make sure you’re comfortable with the information you’re giving.

Write an add that gets you the kind of person you want. Post a picture that really looks like you, vacation ones are great because they usually show your interests as well. Post at least two, but no more than six. Make sure to mention that you like life to be low maintenance, that will subtly let people know that you’re watching your money. Make sure to include your real interest, not just your fantasy ones.

Meet in the park or at a gallery. Most first dates are so predictable and always cost money. If your’e creative, you can find a places to date for free in your city. Most art galleries are free to walk through and if it’s a seasonal time of the year, a walk in the park can be a great way to know someone.

Remember to be honest with yourself about the site you’re on and the people you’re dating. If you keep meeting duds on a particular site, try a new one. Just like it takes time to meet a good match, it also can take a while before you find the right places to connect with people.


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