5 best ways to ask her for a date

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When it comes to being single in the city, there are always options for how to get a date. What it’s really about though is how to ask a girl out on a date. So where should a person look for some free dating tips? Follow me down the yellow brick road to the best path for getting a date.

1. Ask her to a group event. This works best if you know the woman already, maybe she’s a coffee barrista or someone that you occasionally see at the dog park. Arrange a group pool night a with a few other friends (but no single men) and ask her if she’d like to come along.

2. Be warm but not creepy. There is a way to be smooth and charming and also still come off as genuine. If you’ve met someone, let’s say at the gym, wait until you are both on your way out, then tell complement her on her confidence, not her body. Ask her if she’d like to go out for a smoothy or a coffee, not that day, but some time after a workout.

3. No pressure is the best way to get a date. If a girl catches your eye and you don’t want to miss an opportunity, give her your number, don’t ask for hers. Tell her she really stands out in a crowd and that you’d love to take her on a date sometime.

4. Connect with her. If you’ve been wanting to talk to the office temp for a while now but haven’t gotten up the nerve, do it. Just make sure to be cool. Say you’re going to Starbucks and ask her if she wants a latte. If she say’s yes, ask if she wants to come along, it’s an easy going way to start having a conversation.

5. Just…ask! Rip off that bandage and just ask, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just polite.

If you get rejected, accept it graciously. Who knows, maybe she’s going through some personal problems. Or maybe she’s not into you. Keep cool and keep your eyes open for that next person who strikes your interest and…try asking for a date with that new person. 

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