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Hello best date search reader. It’s been too long since I hopped on here and shared my mind on dating. Here some free dating advice from a guy who dates a lot about what ladies should not do on a date.

Really read these, this isn’t just my opinion, I’ve had many other friends contribute to this dating dont’s list.


1.  Show up late. Sure you think that makes you look “in demand” but all it says to me is that you’re inconsiderate and can’t stick to a schedule.

2. Wear too much perfume. There’s nothing hotter than a sexy girl who scent I get to smell when I go in for that good night kiss. There’s nothing worse than a woman with a perfume cloud so thick around her that all I can taste at dinner is her stink.

3. Wear too much makeup. Oh my God! Do you think men are blind? Mascara, lip gloss and a little eye liner is enough. I cannot say how frustrating it is when a girl has so much makeup on that I can’t even tell if she has freckles or not.

4. Answer your phone and talk at the table. Rude much? No, really, DON’T do this!

5. Order a salad as a main course. Nothing says high maintenance like a salad and also I know you’re going to eat half my meal when it arrives.

6. Ask if we’re going to go out again. Let’s just see how this date goes, maybe you won’t like me maybe I won’t like you, or maybe we’ll both be excited about a second date.

7. Criticize yourself. What a boner killer! Seriously, I’m not sizing up your thighs, I’m just trying to figure out if I find you attractive, not some random body part.

8. Talk exclusively about you. Come on, get interest in what I’m about too. Relationships should be equal, if the entire date I have to listen to you and how your sister keeps stealing your boyfriends, I might end up asking for her number.

9. Get drunk and hint that you’re ready to be “taken advantage of”. I’m a decent guy, if you think that I’m going to sleep with a girl who’s drunk, that I’m not in a relationship with, you’ve got another thing coming.

10. Wait for me to make all the moves. This includes paying for dinner, kissing goodnight, calling for the second date. I don’t mind doing some of these things, but all of them, all the time? It gets old, fast.

If you just DON’T do all of these thing, you’ll be off to a great start in a budding relationship. Good luck out there in the dating world.

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