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Winter is upon us and with the holiday season fast approaching, gifts are beginning to make their way to store front windows. What do you do if you’re broke and dating someone?

Don’t worry you won’t be dumped and trolling online dating sites of I can help it! Here are some nifty ideas for your lady or gentleman friend.


If your sweetheart’s a girl


1. Don’t forget ring in gold for $7! Tell her that you never want her to forget how much you love her.

2. Love letters. If you don’t know how to say it yourself, let the greats do it for you. This anthology includes 200 love letters from over the centuries by poets, princes, and other historical figures. Available for $10.50 at bn.com.

3. Magazine. No, not just any magazine, your girlfriend’s favorite magazine. Now find the first copy, order a cover photo of it off e-bay or a specialized store and frame it. Your girlfriend will be blown away, and it won’t cost any more than thirty dollars.

4. framed photo of  the two of you, in a frame that you’ve written all of your favorite things about your relationship on top.

5. personalized cd, of all the music she secretly loves that you’ve caught her listening to. I’m talking Debbie Gibson, Jesus Christ Super Star and Prince. Show her that you pay attention to what she sings in the shower.

If your sweetheart’s a guy

1.digital keychain with photos. Take all the pics of you two from your time together and upload it onto the keychain.

2. Make  a “blurbs book” Take photos of not only you and him but him and his friends and then get his friends and family to write positive or funny things that are about him, connect these “blurbs” from his friends and family to photos of him with those people and you have a really thoughtful gift.

3. Tech friendly winter gloves for men.

4. Framed poster of his favorite movie, order it online, then buy a cheap frame from Ikea (they look better than Walmart).

5. Work out clothes (most men have had theirs for years and wear them to shreds). You can buy work out clothes relatively cheap online, for work out shorts and shirt it shouldn’t cost more than thirty bucks.

These are just some fun suggestion, but if you have any of your own, please feel free to make suggestions in the comment box.

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