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Dating and holidays don’t really mix, but sometimes, if you’re lonely, you try anyway. Problem is that most of the time during the Christmas season things are super busy. So I compiled some free dating tips for those very busy people out there. Enjoy :)

Alright busy dating people, here’s what you have to do find a date.

Dating tip 1

Online dating. Come on, here me out! There are TONS of online dating sites to choose from these days, some have free dating, others are pay, heck, there’s even sites for plus size dating. No excuses, create a personals profile and get online. You can check your messages any time, day or night. It’s easy to meet people with similar lifestyles as you and you can spend as much or as little time as you want looking for love. Click here for a top online dating site in your area.

Dating tip 2

Ask your friends to set you up with a double date. This is a great way to kill tow birds with one stone. You get to visit with your friend and their partner and also meet a potential match. Usually your friends will know your taste and hopefully can set you up with someone that’s not a big fail, but even if they are, at least you get to catch up with your friend.

Dating tip 3

Join a class or go to a lecture series that will help you with your work and your love life. It’s not as hard as you think. Go to a landmark seminar or a lecture on how to negotiate better in business. Usually people at these events want to make connections, so they are willing to talk with strangers. This a great way to meet singles for singles.

Dating tip 4

Take your date out more than once a week. If you’ve met someone and you like them enough to ask them out again, make it in the same week, don’t go from Friday to Friday to Friday. It’s better if you go out twice or three times in that first week. That way you’ll know if they’re really what you’re looking for or not. You won’t spend a month or two trying to figure out if you like them. Try drinks the first night, a physical activity the next (like pool or a walk in a farmers market) and then a nice dinner on the third.

Dating tip 5

Love on the road. Seriously, sometimes your only option for finding a date is when you’re traveling and there is nothing wrong with that. I wrote a whole article about how to meet people when you’re flying or traveling. Click here for dating tips on that subject.

Dating tip 5

Be honest. If you’re too busy for something serious, let the person you’re dating know. Don’t build up expectations but don’t be a prick about it either. The best situation is when you find someone who is also busy or who just wants something casual. Being honest doesn’t mean being cruel, just the opposite, you should be extra kind so that they understand you’re not rejecting them.

If you follow these tips, chances are you’ll be able to find love (or at least like) this holiday season.


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