Online Dating Issues: Picture Cropping

On February 29, 2012, in Online Dating, Profile, by Cornell
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When you go onto the personals, you just never know what or who to expect. You are putting blind faith in people you have never met, whose profiles scream out from your computer screen with nice smiling faces and pleasantly shaped bodies, not to mention their darling personalities and ingratiating manner. Yes, everyone looks to be such a catch. But pictures are not always what they seem to be. And then there are sometimes people with you in the pictures, also smiling broadly, except for the small fact that they are not the ones who have crafted this particular personals profile. Yet their image is out there in the ether, beaming out to God knows how many people on a daily basic. Yes, there are many problems with the way people post pics on the internet, but we are here just to talk about two of them.


When you post a picture of yourself online in the personals, the idea is to make it as realistic to the actual you as possible. You should not be deceiving people in any way. People are very busy these days and do not have a lot of time to waste. When they go onto these sites, they are generally trying to be as quick and practical as possible. They are looking for either relationships or some quick sex and have zero time for games. Any mature adult should grasp that and respect it. If you have a fat body, but your face is curiously thin, and you only post pictures from the neck up, you are kind of lying by omission. People generally want whole body shots. Or maybe you post a pic of your body angled a certain way that isn’t an accurate depiction. Also a no-no. Stop it! As for your friends or family, please be sure to ask their permission before you plaster their image on some site of potential ill repute. They may suffer embarrassment or even worse due to your stupidity. Think before you post a pic or do pic cropping.

Picture cropping

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