Show Her She’s Special

On March 11, 2012, in Dating Advice, Easy steps on dating, Sex, by Cornell
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Special date

A guy knows he may have found someone a great match when he’s sitting on a first date desperately trying to think of things to distract him because he’s having trouble keeping his libido under control. It’s great for a guy to find himself sitting across a table from a stunningly beautiful woman with a disarming smile and a beautiful body who is also engaging, intelligent and funny. When a guy wants to kiss a woman every time she says something interesting yet doesn’t want to kiss her because he doesn’t want to miss anything she has to say, he very well might have met someone who has some serious long term potential.

If it’s a first date, the guy needs to make sure the lady knows he’s interested without going so overboard that it scares her off or turns her off. This is the time to exhibit some serious restraint and be as respectful as possible. He shouldn’t try to talk the lady into bed on this first date, no matter how badly he may want to touch her and connect with her in an intimate way. If he shows her that he’s willing to wait because he wants to really know her, she’ll be very impressed. If she’s that special and wonderful, it’s worth the time to wait until sex really feels right to her and that will show her how important and special she really is. If a guy tells the lady he’s interested, gives her a really great kiss and makes plans right away for another date, she’ll know he’s really interested. If he keeps his promises and is a man of his word, she’ll quickly grow to trust him. Sex won’t be far away once she is confident that he really likes and respects her and she begins to trust him. Most women just want to feel special and need to feel that they’re not just another body that the guy wants to see naked.

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