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On April 10, 2012, in Dating Advice, Online Dating, by Cornell
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Some older men on top singles dating sites are complaining there are not enough women registered on these Online personals sites. Older women, that is women over the age of 50, say they don’t register on these sites because men their own age are not interested in what they have to offer. They say that women their age are in limbo, and if there is a shortage of women on these sites it might be because younger women are looking for rich older men not the average guy recently divorced and looking to relive his youth. Divorced men don’t agree, in fact there have been comments stating that the reason that older women do not join these dating communities because they either lack confidence or it might be because of the hormonal changes that women go through after menopause. According to one man’s personal blog, It appears that the lack of estrogen may affect a woman’s need for male companionship.

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The truth may be a combination of both statements they don’t sign up for certain sites that senior men frequent because older men prefer to look for younger women, they find that older men do not appreciate sexual maturity or confidence and many older women are into a little experimentation. Regardless if they are widowed or divorced they aren’t going to sit home mourning for long. And they are not going to go to a seniors dating site to find love when there are plenty of younger men with Mrs Robinson fantasies and lesbian or bi curious sites to explore.

In reality if women are looking for men their own age to date will ask their pastor, their friends and even their hairdresser but if they are looking for sex they will check out the online personals and the newspaper ads for hot and horny singles. Even the older woman that never married can find happiness online. They don’t have to worry about being called an old maid or a spinster.

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