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On April 15, 2012, in Online Dating, Profile, by Cornell
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None of us are strangers to the old saying that we should always be careful what we ask for, because we just might get it. When we decide that we would like to do a Singles search on one of the many available online dating sites on the world wide web, we have to remember this old saying as we attempt to decide what it really is that we are seeking.

Hooking up

Many people tend to just jump right into the online personals world and immediately commence their search for the hottest and most attractive people on the sites. While there is certainly nothing wrong with desiring someone good looking and fit to date, romance, chat with, or spend time with sexually, we have to give the other profiles a fair chance as well. It is certainly true that there are beautiful people that are also kind, smart and nice, but there are also documented cases of lovely looking people that are so concerned with their outward appearance that they tend to neglect those important qualities that are not as visible to the naked eye.

As much as many men may wish for and desire a trophy wife, many of them fail to consider all of the ramifications of actually finding and hooking up with one. Many men desire to be the center of attention, the authority figure, and the decision maker in the relationship. Most true trophy wives demand a tremendous amount of attention, like to have things their own way, and have little or no interest in deferring to the wishes of their less attractive husbands. Are there trophy wives who are submissive? Certainly, but the odds are against it.

The best favor that we can do for ourselves when we make use of the online dating sites is to be honest, to ourselves, and to all of the other nice people that we interact with.

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