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We’re past the decade mark in the new millennium and where is society?  Basically in economically down slope.  Much of the world is in a recession and in some places, what pessimists would call, a depression.

Does that mean you have to put an abrupt and disheartening end to your social life?

Hell no! Just because you need to save money doesn’t mean you have to become a dysfunctional troll that rarely leaves the home except to work.  On our  best date search blog we want to make sure all singles for singles live by that moto work to live not live to work and run for the hills from that poor date-less ogre under the stairs!


We will supply all you social butterflies of the world with information on how to keep dating with as little impact on your wallet at possible.  We will provide you with great free dating ideas, tips and advice.  These range from a wide range of topics such as picking out a great deal of shopping for the personals items to online dating sites to the best free dating places to take a first date.

We are people like you who have to survive on a budget and we want to share the wealth (no not our cash, our advice!)

So, we’re going to help all you singles for singles out there living modestly have an active social dating life.  We’ll also be answering any questions you may have about dating.  Follow our blog and learn how to fool your friends into thinking you’ve got more money than Trump.

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