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When it comes to being creative with your managing your dating life and your budget, we’ve got you covered. In these trying economic times dating can seem like a thing that’s just not in the finances. That’s not true!

You just have to get out your thinking cap, or better yet, do some research online with good, free dating tips blogs like ours!

Free dating tips on how to have a great date!

  • In some ways, dates are easy. If someone asked you out, they’re probably somewhat interested in you. If you asked someone out and they said yes, they’re at least not repulsed.
  • Go someplace together for a not-too-long amount of time, each person talks about him- or herself a little, you make some jokes, you don’t get too personal, and you decide whether to go out again.
  • Expect to pay for your own meal or drink the first time you go out with someone.
  • Be honest and up front about what you want, if they’re not it, be polite and cut things short without being rude about it.
  • Keep things about you and your date, don’t talk about previous dates of ex lovers, that just gets awkward.

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