Great ways to save on dating

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One of the things that we bloggers are very aware of is the rising cost of living connected with the rising rates of unemployment. We’re taking it upon ourselves to give free dating advice for as long as humanly possible.

All we ask is that if you like our little single for singles dating tips site, that you share it with your friends. Saving money and staying sane in dating shouldn’t be kept a secret.

Here are a few samples from our articles on how to save money.

Cheap gifts for the person you’re dating


1. personalized cd, of all the music she secretly loves that you’ve caught her listening to. I’m talking Debbie Gibson, Jesus Christ Super Star and Prince. Show her that you pay attention to what she sings in the shower.

2. Make  a “blurbs book” Take photos of not only you and him but him and his friends and then get his friends and family to write positive or funny things that are about him, connect these “blurbs” from his friends and family to photos of him with those people and you have a really thoughtful gift.

Best places for free dates in any city.

For example today there is the University of Toronto’s farmer’s market. There’s no entrance fee, there are always free samples and it’s fun to take a look around at all the great handicrafts that people bring to fairs in the fall.

For an active couple, many yoga studios in the city offer a free class coupon on their websites. Nothing like breaking a sweat and getting grounded with a significant other. This is one that I’ve tried with a few gal pals in the past, it’s a great way to get to know people better.

There’s plenty more free articles on discount dating on our blog. Check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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