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Eddie Cornell

Eddie Cornell is the driving force of our blog Best Date Search.  He is a 26 year old man currently living in Toronto.  He is still fresh out of school and has been at his research assistant job for only 6 months.  Unfortunately, as a newbie he is making the bare financial minimum.  This has put, what he would call, an alarming halt to his dating expenses with school loans demanding and the single ladies still calling.

Thanks to some hard work on Eddie’s part, he has picked up some master trade secrets to dating on a budget.  He can tell you how to impress the single ladies with tons of free dating experiences.  Some he’s tried, some he’s heard about and some he’s experimenting with.  Join him through his online dating blog to see how you can keep that active social life of the stars on an income of a scrub.

Greyson Chong

Then there’s Greyson Chong.  What can we say about Greyson.  She’s a 34 year old woman, gorgeous, fun, and loves to shop and go out with her friends.  What else can we say about her?  She used to be broke.  She used to live pay check to pay check serving at a local chain restaurant but after entering an accounting course she learned how to manage her money.  Not only did she figure out how to manage it during a recession but she learned to make it work towards her interests – ie. DATING.

She is still living on a low salary but is happy to report she is putting money away  while still going out with all her best singles for singles.  Grey will teach you how to get all the things you want to make you fly while doing some freedating.  Want some hot new scandalous personals to show your new guy?  She’ll tell you how, where and when to get them for cheap.  Want to try a dating site, she’ll let you know which one’s are the best and free.  Follow her advice and dating will be saving you money, not spending it.

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