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Love is in the air! No, literally, according to experts, your chances of finding love, or at least a little romance go up, when you’re on a flight. If you’re flying anyway, sometimes it can be in your best interest to see what the best date and time is to fly, in order to find romance.

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As a dude on a stupidly tight budget, I’m careful about where I take girls that I’ve met online. I’m not going to take some chick who could be a 3 out to a steak house. That might sound harsh, but really, it’s just not worth starving for the rest of the month.

I know from my female friends that more and more girls are cluing into the fact that coffee means that the guy isn’t fully sold on them. So what can you do with online dating to up your odds at a nice dinner out instead of a paper cup and a conversation in a crowded Starbucks? Read and learn ladies.

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