Happy Birthday to Me

On October 6, 2011, in Dating on a Dime, Freebies, by Cornell

So this may seem a little bit sneaky and cheap but when you have no money and still like dating in that singles for singles world, all is fair.  AND you can only use this tactic once a year so hopefully you read this around the time of your birthday.

Yup, I said it, birthday.  I don’t care how young or old you are, birthday season is still a time to celebrate all things you.  SO if you are still in that singles for singles world this is the perfect time to meet and mingle new people without having to buy anyone a drink.  Actually, you’ll probably get a couple drinks out of it, even if you’re a guy.

Let me set the scene.  For your birthday let your friends (or tell your friends) to take you to a pub of some sort and invite some friends you’ve never met before.  This will give you the opportunity to get introduced to a new network in a social and un-intimidating setting.  It won’t feel like you’re at a dating site but it will still give you everything you need to make a good impression for the future.

What makes this even more genius is that because it is YOUR birthday, people will want to be buying you drinks.  If you’re a guy even the girls you meet may buy you one.  If you want to make a really good impression buy one for her in return.  It would be rude to turn her’s down but show your appreciation by reciprocating.  You only need to get her one to make your point.  This is unlike if you’re on a date where you are usually expected to buy at least a couple.

If your friends don’t have any new people for you to meet don’t get discouraged.  There are usually tons of people at pubs that you can get introduced to because it’s your birthday.  It’s always an easy way into a conversation with a stranger.

Warning to this tip:  Don’t let yourself get loaded and become a drunken full just because it’s your birthday and you will get free drinks.  Know personals limit and when to say no.  You can always pass those free drinks onto chicks or guys you meet.


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Happy Hour

On October 5, 2011, in Dating Advice, Dating on a Dime, by Chong

So, I have the cutest date tonight.  It’ll be the first time we’ve gone out but we’ve known each other for pretty much a year exactly now.  He’s really adorable.  He is average height, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a surfer’s bod.  For all you guy readers I know you don’t care but for girls get it, these personals details are important.

Anyway, we met back at an old job where we worked together but never actually ended up dating back then.  Who knows why, maybe it’s because we worked together or he was involved, whatever.  We going out now.  Unfortunately, I’m still pretty broke and so is he so we decided to go for drinks.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Aren’t drinks expensive?  The answer is a resounding HELL YES.  But we have decided to do Happy Hour instead of meeting later.  This means we are not only getting drinks at half the price but that we will also be meeting after work.  I always did like this because it means I didn’t really need to pick out a whole new cute outfit from the store.  I can still look nice but be able to just where my work clothes.

Date for Two

Instantly I have just saved money on clothes and drinks.  Yes, it’s not freedating because it will still cost money for what I do buy but it is a significant improvement on going out on a Friday night to the bar.  It also means that we won’t get sloppy drunk and end in some horrible one night stand evening, which is always good.

So, if you are doing some dating for the first time with a person, I would highly suggest happy hour.  Guys, this is directed to you as well.  Besides, girls dig a guy in a suit and if you show up in a sharp one, you’re half way there.

- Grey


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Use Your Womanly Wiles

On September 23, 2011, in Freebies, by Chong

Well Friday has come back around and for many that means it’s another pay day!  Lovely!  We always love pay days.  It makes you feel like now you have a lot of money when really it’s the same as before and ACTUALLY you’re confronted with the challenge again of fighting back temptations.  Can you manage to put off buying clothes or going out for a big expensive dinner for another two weeks?  Can you find the will power to put away money in your savings and paying down your debt?  I know I’ve had trouble in the past to choose the “responsible” road over going out with my singles for singles ladies and partying my cheque away.

But no one says you can’t be engaged in an active dating and social life while being walking the responsible road of savings.  How you ask?  Well use your womanly wiles of course.  Now this post is designated more for the ladies if you can’t tell.  But yes, for all you girls out there, you have been naturally blessed to get freedating opportunities just because you’re female.  Congratulations.

I’m not telling you pimp yourself for a shot of tequila but if you’re at the bar and a guy offers to pay for your drink take it!  Nobody says you have to do anything in return, that’s his choice to pay and he’s taking the gamble that you will or won’t be interested in spending more time with him.  Just be sure to keep your eye on it.  I feel I shouldn’t have to say this but I will just in case – Make sure you never take an open drink from someone you don’t know.

Also, if you’re dating a guy and he offers to pay for the meal, don’t pull out your wallet.  Let him treat you.  If he couldn’t afford it he wouldn’t have asked you out in the first place.  Besides you can always get the next one when you have more money.

As woman you were gifted with these wiles to get freedating opportunities so why not use them.  I mean, you still have to go through child birth so I think that kind of evens things out in the long run.

- Grey

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