Got a hot date this weekend?  And you’ve gone through your wardrobe numerous times and STILL can’t find something appropriate to wear?  Ok, I’m trusting that you really really really need something new and that it has been awhile since your last purchase.  I also hope that over the past few weeks you have been utilizing as many free dating tactics as possible.


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Happy Birthday to Me

On October 6, 2011, in Dating on a Dime, Freebies, by Cornell

So this may seem a little bit sneaky and cheap but when you have no money and still like dating in that singles for singles world, all is fair.  AND you can only use this tactic once a year so hopefully you read this around the time of your birthday.

Yup, I said it, birthday.  I don’t care how young or old you are, birthday season is still a time to celebrate all things you.  SO if you are still in that singles for singles world this is the perfect time to meet and mingle new people without having to buy anyone a drink.  Actually, you’ll probably get a couple drinks out of it, even if you’re a guy.

Let me set the scene.  For your birthday let your friends (or tell your friends) to take you to a pub of some sort and invite some friends you’ve never met before.  This will give you the opportunity to get introduced to a new network in a social and un-intimidating setting.  It won’t feel like you’re at a dating site but it will still give you everything you need to make a good impression for the future.

What makes this even more genius is that because it is YOUR birthday, people will want to be buying you drinks.  If you’re a guy even the girls you meet may buy you one.  If you want to make a really good impression buy one for her in return.  It would be rude to turn her’s down but show your appreciation by reciprocating.  You only need to get her one to make your point.  This is unlike if you’re on a date where you are usually expected to buy at least a couple.

If your friends don’t have any new people for you to meet don’t get discouraged.  There are usually tons of people at pubs that you can get introduced to because it’s your birthday.  It’s always an easy way into a conversation with a stranger.

Warning to this tip:  Don’t let yourself get loaded and become a drunken full just because it’s your birthday and you will get free drinks.  Know personals limit and when to say no.  You can always pass those free drinks onto chicks or guys you meet.


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We are men!

On September 28, 2011, in Freebies, by Cornell

A night with the boys is like having a drama free dating scenario.  You get the company and friendship of hanging with your buddies without the drama of getting in with those crazy chick singles for singles.  You know the feeling.  I mean, I love the ladies and it is nice to be dating one but sometimes you just need a break away from them.  It gives you the chance to be everything disgusting without feeling self conscious about it because all your friends are doing the exact same thing.

Now that you’ve made the decision to have a night that is girl free night you still have to remember that just because you not “dating” doesn’t mean you can blow your budget.  Consider this guys night the same as freedating night with a chick.  Think…


  • what’s on the agenda
  • who’s going
  • how much is budgeted
  • where are the short cuts in the night


This will give you the best idea how to plan for a cheaper evening.  My suggestion is to keep this “free dating” evening with the boys as close to free as possible.  Try splitting a case of beer, take back the old ones while you’re at it so you can put that money towards the new ones.  Have a night in playing video games and watching those awesome classic movies like Rocky and The Godfather.  If you really want to get out drink first at your place then go to a pizza place or wing place for cheap food.  Look for the discount nights (this is especially true if it’s a weeknight).

Whatever you do, don’t indulge in something like poker night unless you’re playing for fake money or pennies.  You may think that this situation could end with you walking away 1000 bucks richer but it’s usually the opposite scenario and will land you eating ramen noodles everyday for a month.

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Party for one

On September 26, 2011, in Dating Advice, Freebies, by Cornell

So here’s a way to save money.  Why don’t you just not go on date.

Don’t ask the girl out, don’t suggest hooking up, just do your own thing for a weekend.  Sure, there’s pretty much no chance of getting laid this way but sometimes having more money for another date is better.  Or even just having money for yourself really.  It’s always a good idea to take the time and just recharge yourself.  Chicks are exhausting as it is and you don’t have to go on a date (or a few dates every weekend) you’re saving yourself in more than one way.  Instead, spend a night alone doing all those things you have let slip like washing your sheets that are so dirty they’ve built enough chromosomes to create their own city.  Or fixing that cupboard you said you were going to do eons ago or just watch the game and eat popcorn.  If you want to still be social tell your buddies to come over but say you’ll provide the space if they provide the food and booze.  This way the only thing you’re spending is time, while your wallet stays securely tucked away in your jeans pocket.

Every weekend doesn’t have to be a budget a weekend.  Just try making it a cash free one full of free activities to will recharge your battery for the following upcoming week.  You’ll be surprised and how great you can feel when you just chill by yourself once in awhile anyway.  Sure, there are tons of free dating ideas but even those can cost you a little bit of money sometimes when you factor in gas and what not.  So just make this one 100% free of any sort of personals spending.

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Cheap Date Night

On September 22, 2011, in Dating Advice, Dating on a Dime, by Cornell

So, I met this girl through a personals buddy of mine.  I was actually surprised that I liked her because he’s always trying to set me up with his other singles for singles friends and I never end up being attracted to them.  This one, however, seemed different so I decided I’d give it a shot.

We met in a group at immediately hit it off and exchanged numbers by the end of the night.  I’m not a fool, I know she was

 expecting me to call first but the question to myself before I called her was what is the most appropriate first dating site that will fit my budget?  Then it hit me!  Tuesday night is cheap movie night at the theatre.  It was perfect.  This was perfect because it gave me a pressure free dating site but that was well in my price range.

To spice it all up I also decided to take her out for appetizers first.  But what about my budget you say?  Easy, I surfed the night for restaurants and pubs that had half price apps on the same night.  It was easy and virtually like I was free dating over here.  AND I didn’t have to buy any movie snacks because we had eaten our fair share of apps before hand, which saved me more money while still making me look like a gentleman.

The night went pretty smooth, first date jitters a bit of course but all in all it was good.  We’re going to go out again it just a matter of what we’ll do then???  Hmmmm.



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