Happy Hour

On October 5, 2011, in Dating Advice, Dating on a Dime, by Chong

So, I have the cutest date tonight.  It’ll be the first time we’ve gone out but we’ve known each other for pretty much a year exactly now.  He’s really adorable.  He is average height, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a surfer’s bod.  For all you guy readers I know you don’t care but for girls get it, these personals details are important.

Anyway, we met back at an old job where we worked together but never actually ended up dating back then.  Who knows why, maybe it’s because we worked together or he was involved, whatever.  We going out now.  Unfortunately, I’m still pretty broke and so is he so we decided to go for drinks.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Aren’t drinks expensive?  The answer is a resounding HELL YES.  But we have decided to do Happy Hour instead of meeting later.  This means we are not only getting drinks at half the price but that we will also be meeting after work.  I always did like this because it means I didn’t really need to pick out a whole new cute outfit from the store.  I can still look nice but be able to just where my work clothes.

Date for Two

Instantly I have just saved money on clothes and drinks.  Yes, it’s not freedating because it will still cost money for what I do buy but it is a significant improvement on going out on a Friday night to the bar.  It also means that we won’t get sloppy drunk and end in some horrible one night stand evening, which is always good.

So, if you are doing some dating for the first time with a person, I would highly suggest happy hour.  Guys, this is directed to you as well.  Besides, girls dig a guy in a suit and if you show up in a sharp one, you’re half way there.

- Grey


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Use Your Womanly Wiles

On September 23, 2011, in Freebies, by Chong

Well Friday has come back around and for many that means it’s another pay day!  Lovely!  We always love pay days.  It makes you feel like now you have a lot of money when really it’s the same as before and ACTUALLY you’re confronted with the challenge again of fighting back temptations.  Can you manage to put off buying clothes or going out for a big expensive dinner for another two weeks?  Can you find the will power to put away money in your savings and paying down your debt?  I know I’ve had trouble in the past to choose the “responsible” road over going out with my singles for singles ladies and partying my cheque away.

But no one says you can’t be engaged in an active dating and social life while being walking the responsible road of savings.  How you ask?  Well use your womanly wiles of course.  Now this post is designated more for the ladies if you can’t tell.  But yes, for all you girls out there, you have been naturally blessed to get freedating opportunities just because you’re female.  Congratulations.

I’m not telling you pimp yourself for a shot of tequila but if you’re at the bar and a guy offers to pay for your drink take it!  Nobody says you have to do anything in return, that’s his choice to pay and he’s taking the gamble that you will or won’t be interested in spending more time with him.  Just be sure to keep your eye on it.  I feel I shouldn’t have to say this but I will just in case – Make sure you never take an open drink from someone you don’t know.

Also, if you’re dating a guy and he offers to pay for the meal, don’t pull out your wallet.  Let him treat you.  If he couldn’t afford it he wouldn’t have asked you out in the first place.  Besides you can always get the next one when you have more money.

As woman you were gifted with these wiles to get freedating opportunities so why not use them.  I mean, you still have to go through child birth so I think that kind of evens things out in the long run.

- Grey

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A Moment of Weakness

On September 19, 2011, in Dating Advice, Dating on a Dime, by Cornell

Dear Monday Morning,

What the hell happened this weekend?  I recall saying saying hi to Friday night and hello to you now on Monday morning.  Facebook pictures depict me with friends at a bar (amongst other random locations).  However, the question remains…. where did all my money go!

Yes, even I can have moments of weakness when it comes to saving money or spending it more like it.  It’s like getting a drug addict to go sober.  It takes time, practice and will power.  Will power that I apparently am still lacking every now and then.

Basically, what happened to me this weekend is that I had some friends (a couple who has actually been dating 2 years) visiting from Europe and I wanted to have a good time!  I took them to a local pub and we had tons of laughs, played pool and in true style – had some delicious jager bombs!  Does anybody else think they taste like purple tylenol?

Anyways, the night was good but I did exactly what I know I shouldn’t.  I pulled out the credit card.  Worst mistake ever when at the bar.  I mean, I started out great.  I had only planned to have a pint or two.  I still had my cash in budget so I bought a pint of Canadian and paid for it right away.  I remember thinking, “good for me”.  Pfffft oh how far I would stray.

The next thing I knew I was heading towards the bathroom with full intention of coming right back but before I knew it I was at the bar ordering 4 jager bombs in addition to another pint of Canadian!  That, that moment right there was the beginning of the end.  I mean, everybody loved the shots and I was crowned King of the night but in the words of Seinfield “yaddayaddayadda” now I have no cash left and huge personals credit card payment I’m going to have to make.

That “yaddayaddayadda” was me ordering more drinks in case you thought, for maybe a second, I got my spending under control after those bombs.  Please, you give me too much credit.

yadda yadda yadda

So, it looks like if I want to do any dating, I’m either going to have to just sit back and watch my friends do it or really get some great ideas for freedating.  We’ll see how it goes.  Damage control is key at this point…. damage control and hang over control that is.

If you find yourself waking up with little memory of the past nights events and an empty wallet don’t dwell on it.  Yes, it sucks and sucks hard but just make a new plan to start making that money back.  Do odd jobs here and there for a neighbour or friend.  Don’t get  your morning coffee for a couple weeks, whatever.  We all slip up and the money is gone now so don’t beat yourself up over it.

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Poor Bastard

On September 15, 2011, in Dating Advice, Dating on a Dime, by Cornell

Alright tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means????? It’s pay day!  As a past server Friday’s used to be like a dreaded Monday but now as a new 9-5er I’m living for the weekends.  And better yet I’m living for the Friday’s with a pay day attached to it.  Before I finished school I used to be a bit of spender.  You know partying a night of here, buying shots for people, taking the girls I was dating to expensive restaurants and  buying t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts.  That’s my shopping vice.  But as soon as I graduated I had pretty much just burnt through the last of my loan money and my parents stopped “helping” me.  I was pretty much distraught and panicked.

this was me

Luckily I’ve found a job.  And trust me I am grateful but I had to quickly learn how to survive on a budget.  Especially if I wanted to keep up my active singles for singles lifestyle.  Apparently the ladies don’t like a guy with no money.  Go figure.  So, if you find yourself in a similar situation to calm you ass down.  I’ll help you through this.  There are actually tons of free dating ideas out there you just have to hunt for them.

But before I get into all of that you have to make a plan.  All that random crap my dad would always drill into my head about “making a plan” and budgeting has actually paid off.  See how much money you have coming in from anything – jobs, parents, government, hell even sugar daddies.  I don’t care where it comes from just make sure record how much it is.  Then take out all the money for your bills and expenses for the month.  What you have left is a lump some of what I like to call “me money”.  This is money you can spend on anything you want like t-shirts, pints, girls, take out… sounds like my Friday night actually.  Haha!  Then what I like to do is divide that number four (weeks in a month).  That’s how much you get week.  I just like to do it that way to make sure I still have a little something something by the last week of the month.  Bam.  Done.  Just stick to that number.

If I could give you any opening advice it’s live off cash.  Freedating comes easy once you have that concept down.




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