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On September 28, 2011, in Freebies, by Cornell

A night with the boys is like having a drama free dating scenario.  You get the company and friendship of hanging with your buddies without the drama of getting in with those crazy chick singles for singles.  You know the feeling.  I mean, I love the ladies and it is nice to be dating one but sometimes you just need a break away from them.  It gives you the chance to be everything disgusting without feeling self conscious about it because all your friends are doing the exact same thing.

Now that you’ve made the decision to have a night that is girl free night you still have to remember that just because you not “dating” doesn’t mean you can blow your budget.  Consider this guys night the same as freedating night with a chick.  Think…


  • what’s on the agenda
  • who’s going
  • how much is budgeted
  • where are the short cuts in the night


This will give you the best idea how to plan for a cheaper evening.  My suggestion is to keep this “free dating” evening with the boys as close to free as possible.  Try splitting a case of beer, take back the old ones while you’re at it so you can put that money towards the new ones.  Have a night in playing video games and watching those awesome classic movies like Rocky and The Godfather.  If you really want to get out drink first at your place then go to a pizza place or wing place for cheap food.  Look for the discount nights (this is especially true if it’s a weeknight).

Whatever you do, don’t indulge in something like poker night unless you’re playing for fake money or pennies.  You may think that this situation could end with you walking away 1000 bucks richer but it’s usually the opposite scenario and will land you eating ramen noodles everyday for a month.

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