Cutting Corners

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Dating on Hold (at least the expensive type)


Well it’s the 27th and we are all sweating for the same reason (unless your still sleeping in your space man sheets and race car bed tucked nicely up in your bedroom).  That’s right, rent is coming up.  Rent rent rent rent.  Money money  money money.  All of the sudden that shirt you bought a few days again doesn’t seem as worth it but it’s too late to take it back and deep down it is a cute shirt that will go perfect on you upcoming personals date this Friday.  So here’s what you can do to skim a few corners in your budget to make up for it.

  • go to your parents for dinners and casually suggest to take the left overs off their hands
  • sell some old stuff on ebay
  • pick up an on the side gig for cash like doing a banquet wedding or tutoring
  • say no to those small perks at the grocery store like those delicious Skinny Cow ice cream containers (you won’t starve without them.  Just maybe get a little cranky)
  • take money out of your transportation fund and take the bus a couple times
  • cancel some of your datingplans (that always sets you back)


Singles for Singles Lifestyle

I know none of these ideas are necessarily ideal in your life and probably would much rather ignore them.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  You only have four days to make sure you have all the money you need for rent.  This is only temporary until your next cheque and hopefully you’ll be able to get back on budget then and re-enter your singles for singles lifestyle.

- Grey


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Use Your Womanly Wiles

On September 23, 2011, in Freebies, by Chong

Well Friday has come back around and for many that means it’s another pay day!  Lovely!  We always love pay days.  It makes you feel like now you have a lot of money when really it’s the same as before and ACTUALLY you’re confronted with the challenge again of fighting back temptations.  Can you manage to put off buying clothes or going out for a big expensive dinner for another two weeks?  Can you find the will power to put away money in your savings and paying down your debt?  I know I’ve had trouble in the past to choose the “responsible” road over going out with my singles for singles ladies and partying my cheque away.

But no one says you can’t be engaged in an active dating and social life while being walking the responsible road of savings.  How you ask?  Well use your womanly wiles of course.  Now this post is designated more for the ladies if you can’t tell.  But yes, for all you girls out there, you have been naturally blessed to get freedating opportunities just because you’re female.  Congratulations.

I’m not telling you pimp yourself for a shot of tequila but if you’re at the bar and a guy offers to pay for your drink take it!  Nobody says you have to do anything in return, that’s his choice to pay and he’s taking the gamble that you will or won’t be interested in spending more time with him.  Just be sure to keep your eye on it.  I feel I shouldn’t have to say this but I will just in case – Make sure you never take an open drink from someone you don’t know.

Also, if you’re dating a guy and he offers to pay for the meal, don’t pull out your wallet.  Let him treat you.  If he couldn’t afford it he wouldn’t have asked you out in the first place.  Besides you can always get the next one when you have more money.

As woman you were gifted with these wiles to get freedating opportunities so why not use them.  I mean, you still have to go through child birth so I think that kind of evens things out in the long run.

- Grey

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Cheap Date Night

On September 22, 2011, in Dating Advice, Dating on a Dime, by Cornell

So, I met this girl through a personals buddy of mine.  I was actually surprised that I liked her because he’s always trying to set me up with his other singles for singles friends and I never end up being attracted to them.  This one, however, seemed different so I decided I’d give it a shot.

We met in a group at immediately hit it off and exchanged numbers by the end of the night.  I’m not a fool, I know she was

 expecting me to call first but the question to myself before I called her was what is the most appropriate first dating site that will fit my budget?  Then it hit me!  Tuesday night is cheap movie night at the theatre.  It was perfect.  This was perfect because it gave me a pressure free dating site but that was well in my price range.

To spice it all up I also decided to take her out for appetizers first.  But what about my budget you say?  Easy, I surfed the night for restaurants and pubs that had half price apps on the same night.  It was easy and virtually like I was free dating over here.  AND I didn’t have to buy any movie snacks because we had eaten our fair share of apps before hand, which saved me more money while still making me look like a gentleman.

The night went pretty smooth, first date jitters a bit of course but all in all it was good.  We’re going to go out again it just a matter of what we’ll do then???  Hmmmm.



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Not Your Mother’s Clippings

On September 20, 2011, in Dating on a Dime, Freebies, by Chong

Free Dating for Fall

So, fall is officially here in like a day.  Lovely right???  Well, for me it is.  But that means cooler air, which means you need to be snuggling up to some hot thing.

In order to land the guy or gal of your dreams, or least someone for the season, you’ll need some fabulous dating ideas.  Fabulous and cheap that is.  Sure, there is the usual stuff that is always cute and inexpensive like a walk in the park, picnic, movie night in, some museums, etc. etc.  These are good ideas but if you’re going to be dating this person for longer than a few weeks you’ll need some fresh ones that will blow their mind, without blowing a hole through your wallet.

Personals Saving Advice

Here is my tidbit of advice that has landed me on some amazing (virtually) freedating trips.  COUPONS!  COUPONS!  COUPONS!  Ya, those idiotic new shows on TLC that glamorize coupon cutting are onto something.  Singles for singles can find some amazing deals by looking on these online coupon sites!  For example, sign up to receive one’s from

  • wag jag
  • livingsocial deals
  • groupon

couponing with love

Dating Site in the form of Coupons

There are hundreds of different social group saving sites out there that might as well be an online dating site because you have so many different chances to get cheap date activities.  I always found on sites like livingsocial deals, it’s useful to search the “adventure” section.  There you can get great things like sky diving, mini putting, rock climbing, white water rafting and so on.  Not so keen on the “I want to try and give myself a heart attack” thing?  That’s no problem, you can also find some cool stuff like couples massages and dinners.

I’m telling ya.  This is not like clipping coupons the way your mother used to do.  These social savings sites can be a god send on your bank account.  It will surely make the person you’re dating believe you’re a balla when really you’re living off ricaroni.

- Grey

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Something From Nothing

On September 16, 2011, in Dating on a Dime, Freebies, by Chong

Personals Shopping Disease

I’m a girl.  I love to shop.  Anything really.  Shoes, shirts, dresses, bags and even new groceries make me feel really good.  There are so many little personals I want to buy for myself but as the bills started piling up I realized I might have to change just a wee bit.  You know how your parents would always say “do you really NEED that new shirt or do you just WANT” it.  Back then I thought, who cares if I need or want it when I know I can get it either way.  Ah, those were the days.  A nice little part time job that was straight disposable income.  I had what my mother called PSD, Personals Shopping Disease.  Meaning anything that I wanted to personally suit my needs I would get for myself.  There was no filter that said to me “maybe I should save my money or pay a bill.”

there's always something

Dating Strategy

Well it’s date night and I WANT a new outfit.  Unfortunately, that’s not in this weeks budget.  I’m trying to put money away for my 35th birthday.  All my best singles for singles girlfriends seem to share the same birthday month so we want to go away on a trip for this year.  I’m happy about that but sad about the lack of funds for the time being.  Saving sucks.  haha.

But back to my current predicament.  Yes, I’m proud I’ve sustained the will power not to run to the mall after work but I’m stuck with the dilemma of what to wear tonight.  I know other girls have this problem on a regular basis so I’m here to share my solutions.

First, just figure out what you’re doing on the date.  The activity will really determine the outfit.  Then sit in front of your closet and just look.  Guaranteed you have a bazillion shirts, pants, dresses in there that you can wear.  The key is to make a new outfit so you don’t feel like you need to buy one.  Instead of thinking of past things you’ve worn try and take to pieces of clothing that you wouldn’t normally pair and try it.  Mix different textures like plaid and faux fur.  Anything.  You’re not leaving the house yet so this is your time to experiment.

After plunging through your clothes and trying on different articles you’ll soon realize you have some great combinations you’ve never tried before.  Pair it with some personals jewelry and you’ve got an entire outfit.

For me, I took an old white V-neck tee that I hadn’t wore in months (a work out tee really) and paired it with some skinny jeans, beige leather belt and wedges.  The jeans, shoes and accessories really dressed up the outfit without making it seem like I was trying to hard.

Dating is about confidence

What is most important for all singles for singles who are dating is that you hold confidence in everything you do.  Whether its talking, walking or trying out a new activity.  It’s all in how you present yourself.

You know what they say, fake it until you make it.


- Grey


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